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freetop sebastian: hey marcantini did you get it fixed? EriC^^: thanks for the link :) marcantini: no problem thx !cookie | EriC^^ EriC^^: Wow! You're such a great helper, you deserve a cookie! i got a problem with Ubuntu 16.04. After i updated my kernel, my wifi driver stopped to work. Does someone know how to fix this? mrkiko: please provide more details. Is the wifi device showing up in lspci? What version of Ubuntu are you running? pragmaticenigma, ubuntu 16.04 lts wifi works well on old kernel mrkiko: The version of the kernel is not the issue, which command were you using to install it? mrkiko, what chipset i used apt-get upgrade it was normal update-grub update mrkiko, sudo lshw -C network (give us a paste) sorry i dont have connection just for couse this laptop marcantini: where are you getting that error? mrkiko, can you see the wifi? EriC^^: software update mrkiko, you can use the cli to download the deb EriC^^: I changed the /etc/update-manager/release-upgrades with Prompt=normal marcantini: try Setting all software sources to 'lts'? EriC^^: But I can not find any lts when I search in software




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